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The Power of an Hour

What does it take to change someone's life?

Giving lots of money?

Being really smart?

Having connections?

At Austin Adult Learning, all you need is an hour!

  • Have a conversation with a new immigrant to help them with their English-speaking confidence. Many of our students have degrees in their native countries, but are limited in their career and college options until their English skills become proficient.

  • Help a single, working mom learn fractions so she can pass her GED tests and go to college. Did you enjoy math in high school? Are you the one who is always finding typos? Many of our GED students just need a little boost to pass their tests.

  • Help a refugee feel welcome. Get to know a new member of our community and hear their stories. Most of our students don't have a connection with the community outside of school and their own minority group.

An hour a day, a week, or a month is enough to change someone's life.

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • classroom helpers

  • registration day office help

  • tutoring

  • digital literacy teaching

  • sharing hobbies/talents/life skills

To get started, call or email Tia: 507-440-8701

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