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Let 2018 be YOUR year!

Take control of your life. Make your family proud. Move forward.

Get your GED!

Is 2018 the year you get serious about your future?

Deciding to put in the time, effort and energy to get your GED is a big decision.

You may have to change your schedule, your habits, your priorities.

Is it worth it?

Are you willing to make the sacrifices for your future?

That's up to you!

When you are ready, we are here to help!

Two ways to get there.

GED Prep Intensive

An in-class study course designed to cover all four topics of the GED.

Daily attendance and participation is mandatory for participants.

January 16 - April 25



Located at: Riverland Community College, Austin Campus

$25 material fee

Registration ends Monday, January 8!

Call Tia at 507-440-8701

GED Prep Online

A self-paced study option for home or library.

Learn on a schedule that works for you!

Our online curriculum includes multi-level study material for all four GED subjects.

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